Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Trying to find and stick to a schedule that works is proving to be a bit difficult.
I keep reading these posts and blogs by other homeschooling moms and they can make you feel inadequate. I wonder if they really do all the things they say they do, and are their kids happy, content, learning for the fun of it?
No matter what you schedule for your day, there is no way it all can be accomplished.
We rise, have breakfast, listen to some music, dance a bit in the kitchen and then we start in on school, and I have my coffee. We are still in pajamas at lunch time, is that a bad thing?
School for my K'er is 'the ordinary parents guide to teaching reading' followed by some explode the code exercises. We are reading '100 ways to count to 100' for math. We use a calendar, but not very strictly. He loves to explore 'First Animal Encyclopedia'. And on occasion, we do bible study. But not everyday. He loved the story of Noah and the Ark and has made his own picture book to tell the story.
When I start to write down what we do, what we have done, I feel more accomplished. But, my house is not clean, there are piles of laundry that make it through the stages eventually. The dishwasher is half emptied, dirty dishes are in the sink, I am sick... and that has taken a toll on our homeschooling.
Crafts and artwork are continually produced in our house, paint brushes never get cleaned dried put away. Toys are everywhere, and the dog keep pooping out bits of playdough and various parts of plastic and wooden toys.
Did I mention the three year old girl that needs attention, loves to paint, and watches way too much tv?
We do computer time once a week because anymore makes my K'er too cranky.
We have no video games in our house and may never have them due to the somewhat addictive personality my son already shows--yeah, that's from me...

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